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ATM Journal Office™ provides efficient access to ATM Electronic Journal data files
Now you can retrieve, view, and manage Electronic Journal data through a convenient, easy-to-use web interface with ATM Journal Office. Here’s what you get from Diebold’s latest, breakthrough software.

  • Quick resolution to specific ATM transaction inquiries
  • Automated retrieval of Electronic Journal data
  • ATM transaction data in a sortable, readable format
  • A scalable solution capable of serving any size of ATM network

ATM Journal Office offers a two-pronged approach to managing electronic journal data — including Diebold’s Management Terminal Assignment Software Module and Diebold’s ATM Journal Viewing Module.

Diebold’s Management Terminal Assignment Software Module
This module allows ATM managers to add, list, update, and delete users and terminals. Administrators can set up new users and passwords, grant temporary data access to certain ATM locations, and perform any function with regard to file management.

Diebold’s ATM Journal Viewing Module
This module provides users with the ability to import, view and transfer Electronic Journal files. Users have access to data at specific ATM terminals, by permission only.

ATM Journal Office is available as a stand-alone product or as an addition to other Diebold ATM Office Suite software. Contact your local Diebold representative to find out how we can help you access your Electronic Journal data more easily and effectively.